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7 ways to control drive fatigue

Road trips are usually fun giving you a freedom to explore new places and enjoy the tranquility around you. However, it is important for drivers driving the vehicle for a long road trip to stay alert and active. Driving for long hours could cause road fatigue which ultimately leads to horrific accidents. A safe driver ensures that he/she is prepared well to take on the vehicle and hit the road. In this post, we have gathered some precautions and tips to avoid road fatigue.

Sleep well before the drive

It is important to sleep well before the drive so stay fresh and active during the drive. If you have not slept well before the drive, you may get tired early or worse fall asleep during the drive. Road accidents due to driver fall asleep are common around the world including UAE. So, to stay fresh and active on the drive, it is important have a full 6-8 hour of sleep.

Plan your trip

Planning the trip ahead save you from a lot of unwanted troubles during the drive and makes you stay stress-free. For instance, you should plan the exact time of departure, identify your pit stops, fill-up the fuel, keep an extra tire, prepare a playlist, and so on.

Drive Early

Planning your road trip early in the day saves you from exhaustion. If you are starting your drive late in the day after finishing other work, you will end up driving with an exhausted mind and a tired body. So, it is better to start your trip especially long journeys early in the day soon after waking up from the sleep.

Body Posture

Body posture is important for drive on long routes. You have to make your seat comfortable but allows you to sit upright. You fix should be fixated in a manner that it keeps your head up and prevent legs from extending fully. If you sit too comfortably in your seat, it may lead to drowsiness.

Healthy environment

To stay active and alert, you need to keep a stimulating environment in the vehicle. Change car’s temperature, change radio stations, play with the volume, etc. to keep an active environment around you. Keeping the temperature colder is proven to keep one alert during the drive. Moreover, it is also advised to avoid playing slow music and opt for jubilant music that allows you stay on the move.

Frequent Breaks

For long journeys, you need to take a break frequently. It is a fun way of getting eyes off from the road for a while and stretch out your legs. If available, look around for tea or coffee to freshen up a little. As per experts, it is good to take a break after every 2-3 hours.

Heavy Meals

Eating heavy-meals before or during the drive is a big no-no. Having a fulfilling meal is relaxing and makes one drowsy. To stay alert and active, munch on snacks or sandwiches. A Safe driver in Dubai always avoids eating heavy meals during the drive.

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